Enjoy being healthy!

Unilateral LEg Exercises

This video is great to help even out the strength in your lower body. This is not for you if you suffer with arthritis or serious knee issues. Please contact me today to get help!

Dairy & Gluten free Chocolate chip cookies

A great treat for those silly cravings! This recipe is so easy to make and takes no time at all! 

Creamy Cashew Cheese Cake

Gluten free, dairy free, vegan, anti-inflammatory, and paleo. Full details in the video on how to make it. Have fun and share your version on instagram!

Summer Work Out at Home

Trying to find time to workout? Here is a great workout that you can do in between commercials and folding laundry. Enjoy!

Summer Leg Workout

For this work out, you need a kettle bell and an empty space! Perform each movement for 3 sets of 12 repetitions to get a full body workout. Keep pushing, I promise you will get there! Comment or share your workout on Instagram! 

Summer Arm Workout

In this workout, expect your shoulders and back to be sore! Share your work out on Instagram, or comment and let us know what you think!

Shoulder Workout Pt. 2

You can either use a band, dumb bells, or some cans of beans to do this work out. Really great for your strapless dresses this summer. Share your experience on Instagram or comment below!

Summer Arm Workout Pt. 3

Do you want a sexy upper body this summer? Try this workout! IT is a lot faster, and really hits all the stubborn areas!

Full Body Cardio!

Great workout to do in the morning, or before bed. Super quick to give you the positive endorphins for a healthy lifestyle. Share your workout on Instagram, or comment below!

Upper Body & so much more

This is a great beginner workout or for someone who wants to start their workout with a dynamic warm up. Great for those who need to warm up their joints and start moving!

Full LEg Workout

Do you want to start working out on your legs, but you don't want to start with weights. This is a great beginner workout that will give you the burn and the simplicity that you need!

Leg Workout

Check out this video for an awesome inner thigh and booty work out. Please be advised by your doctor to perform any of these movements. Just want to make sure you're okay to sweat! Love Jenn

Killer Core Workou

Do you want your abs to burn and feel tight? Here is the workout you've been looking for. Love Jenn

Building the Booty

This is great for butt workout or a warm up before leg day. Keep your pelvic floor engaged, and you'll be ok! If you feel anything in the lower back, it only means your core is not engaged. Love Jenn.