Enjoy being healthy!

Upper Body & so much more

This is a great beginner workout or for someone who wants to start their workout with a dynamic warm up. Great for those who need to warm up their joints and start moving!

Full LEg Workout

Do you want to start working out on your legs, but you don't want to start with weights. This is a great beginner workout that will give you the burn and the simplicity that you need!

Part 1. Healthy 2019

 Jump start your new year with amazing health tips by Dr. Stacey Goldman from The Spark Institute. She is a local Natropath that we paired up with to answer some more complicated questions.  Whether it is menopause, infertility, weak immune system, or weight loss, this video is a great start. Let us know your thoughts! 

Part 2 of Our Jumpstart to a healthy 2019

Let us know what you think!

Big Breakfasts

Tips on nutrition, why I eat big breakfasts, and some boring science stuff to go with it! Hope you like it. 

Big Breakfasts PArt 2

This may get a bit science-y, but do not be discouraged. E-mail me if you have any questions. jlmove9@gmail.com

Leg Workout

Check out this video for an awesome inner thigh and booty workout. Please be advised by your doctor to perform any of these movements. Just want to make sure you're ok to sweat! Love Jenn

Killer Core Workou

Do you want your abs to burn and feel tight? Here is the workout you've been looking for. Love Jenn

Building the Booty

This is great for butt workout or a warm up before leg day. Keep your pelvic floor engaged, and you'll be ok! If you feel anything in the lower back, it only means your core is not engaged. Love Jenn.

The Ab Workout

Really great workout for balance and stability. You need to try this one out! Love Jenn.

Lean & Mean Leg Workout

Kill 2 birds with one stone! Cardio and Legs, the 2 hardest things to do all at once. It will only take you 10 minutes. Try it out, and let us know what you think. 


The first video to our Holiday Baking Series. This is a great treat when you want something to not over indulge in. No added sugar, and if you want, you can melt milk chocolate. I hope you have a lot of fun making this recipe.

Butt & Hamstring Workout

Really awesome for balance, stability, glute, and hamstring strength. Also, who doesn't love a butt lift every once and a while. Try each exercise 3 times for 10 repetitions. Have fun!