Start Feeling great with Live in home Workouts

Online personal training and group training that people can do at home.

Are you tired of feeling sick of...

Sitting on your couch saying that you'll workout tomorrow? Watching people on your social media start their fitness journey, and you're saying that could be me? Playing with your kids for a bit, and feeling guilty that you had to stop because you're out of breathe? Or have you signed up for those online workouts, only to find out that you do not have a trainer guiding you? 



-you have all the energy throughout the day

- the ability to say that you started something, and you finished it.

- the confidence to do anything

- that you have time to workout, instead of feeling pressured

We’ve created a program to do just that.

But JL Move’s online program is not like any other out there. In our program, you will

-be guided by a live personal trainer while working out in your own home.

- Connected by our customized app with live  video, 

- have complete access to JL Move community

To start: choose to try our live classes for 1-month, OR join our year-long membership and reap the benefits of even more at-home workouts, nutrition consultations, meal plans, and an opportunity to interact with your trainer.  

Sign up today to get started. We look forward to seeing you in our virtual class.

About our online programs


Unlimited Virtual Classes for 1-Month

Are you looking to start a workout program; however, not ready to commit? This 1-month program provides you with the right intensity and motivation to get you started. You will get access to 1-month of unlimited live classes and the ability to work out on your own. Sign up below to get started. 


Our Full Year Program

Have you been signed up to a gym; however, find that you have no time to go? Then this option is the best for you. Not only do you get unlimited live classes and additional workouts; however, you also get a meal plan, nutrition consultations, and communication with your trainer. Ask the questions and let us help you get results. Sign up below to get access to the first month of training for $50.00.                        

1 Month Unlimited membership $115.00

12 Month Online membership. 1st Month at $50.00