Frequently Asked Questions


How can I be motivated online?

Through our app and live classes, you are constantly in contact with your trainer. You have the ability to ask questions, get notifications that pop up on your phone, as well as getting access to our monthly live follow up groups. 


How do I workout in a small space with no equipment?

I have been working out in my den at my condo. The full condo is 600 sqft; however, we make it work. You do not need a lot of space, since a lot of exercises are using your body weight. If you have equipment, you are invited to use them; however, it is not a necessity. You can bring water bottles, laundry detergent, or even cans to your workout. We actually have a full list of at home equipment on our Instagram page. 


I want to start; however, it seems expensive.

We are a gym membership, nutritionist, personal trainer, and motivational coach in one all-inclusive monthly payment that is $100.00 or less. You can choose to do month to month or sign up for a full year membership. You get access to unlimited classes including yoga and Pilates. You also get a meal plan with 1 on 1 nutrition consultations. Our focus is community and accountability, this is why we also do live meetups once a month to talk about our goals, our challenges, and everything in between. 

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